Bespoke, handmade contemporary country furniture
from North Wales

Querx specialise in producing traditional, bespoke handmade chairs, tables and display stands using sustainable timbers and Welsh slate. Designs are contemporary, but each piece is made using only traditional Welsh craftsmanship and tools. Traditional methods are used in order to retain the integral strength of the timber and to allow for its shrinkage and subsequent movement. They are finished with oil and wax - no attempt is made to change the natural colour or grain.

All Querx furniture uses hardwood cut from carefully and sustainably managed woodland in North Wales. We cut the tree, mill it into planks, season them in airy stacks before bringing them inside for final drying. The woodland is coppiced on a rotational basis, resulting in rich crops of long, straight poles of hazel and ash and an understorey bursting with habitat for insects, birds and mammals. Like the timber, all the slate comes from North Wales. It is 400 to 550 million years old and is riven with hammer and chisel in the traditional way.
This is one of the highest quality collections of contemporary country furniture available in the UK today. Elegant yet robust country furniture from carefully managed woodland.

"Just to let you know that I'm absolutely delighted with my chair. The height is perfect, making it very comfortable to sit on. Thanks again for taking such care."