Querx makes chairs in a wide variety of styles for a wide variety of uses. From dining chairs, large and comfortable easy-chairs to three-legged chairs for uneven floors; spinning chairs, little fireside chairs to chairs customised for musicians. They are mostly made from oak, ash or cherry as that is what grows in the Ceiriog Valley where Querx is based, but there are limited amounts of yew, holly and walnut too. They are traditional Welsh stick chairs - nothing is turned on a lathe - the timber is sawn to length, split, shaved and planed. The beauty is in the natural grain of the timber and in the geometric lines of the design.
What you see in the gallery below is by no means all that is on offer - nothing is done to a pattern so the choice is literally endless. If you want a chair of specific dimensions (for example with a very high back) contact me by phone or email and we can discuss the possibilities and price.

Round seat dining chair

Querx makes round seat dining chairs mostly in oak, ash and cherry as there's not a lot of anything else in the Ceiriog Valley. Seats can be between 16 and 18 inches in diameter. Price: between 180 and 250.

Square seat dining chair

We also make square seat dining chairs. The example pictured is in alder, with a 16 inch square seat and a very high back. Price: 195

Mini dining chair

So useful as an extra when you are tight for space. It is regular dining chair height at 18 inches but slimline at 13 inches wide and 15 inches front to back. Also available as a three-legged type for uneven floors. Price: 175

Small oak easy-chair

Slim at 16 inches wide, but really comfortable with leg support over the 19 inch deep seat. A perfect fireside or AGA-side chair. Price: 350


An example of a spinning-chair, made in yew. Three-legged with 14 inch high seat, 16 inches wide and a short stick back support. An unusual and beautiful small chair to have for occasional use. Price: 175

Large oak chair

This is a large oak chair for sitting in comfortably for a long time. It is low at 14 inches, very deep at 24 inches (front to back of seat) for maximum leg support and 21 inches wide. The back is very high at 25 inches, to support your head if you fall asleep! Price: 495

"Dear David, Thank you so much for my chair. The seat is extremely comfortable, and the customised height is perfect for playing the cello."