Querx makes tables in several designs. The slate-top types are side tables, 14 or 18 inches in diameter. You never have to worry about heat marks or spillages as a wipe with an oily rag is all the slate ever needs to keep it looking like new. As with the timber we use, all the slate comes from North Wales; it is 400 to 550 million years old and is riven with hammer and chisel in the traditional way.
The wood-top tables are mostly coffee tables, made following traditional Welsh stick furniture techniques. Height and size can be tailored to order. The table top may be round or oval and have a smooth or "waney" edge - where the bark has been removed and no shape imposed on it. The legs may be planed straight and round or oval in section, and others shaved to follow the natural curves and twists in the timber.
Querx also makes four-seater, central pedestal kitchen and dining tables. The pedestal is carved and twisting, each one unique. The tops are between 36 and 42 inches in diameter and between 1½ and 2 inches thick.

Slate-top table

An example of a slate-top side table with a 14 inch diameter top on an oak base. Price: 65

Wood-top side table

These have evolved from the same sculptural idea as the slate-top tables except the top can be as large as 24 inches in diameter. This example is in yew, is 18 inches in diameter and would be priced at 165. Similar tables in oak, ash or cherry would be around 120.

Large yew coffee table

A large yew coffee table with a unique waney edge to the top and stretchers made from shaved branches. It is 46 inches long, 21 inches wide and 20 inches tall. Price: 350

Round coffee table

This example has an 18 inch diameter yew top mounted on shaved yew legs. It is 14 inches tall and costs 150. A similar table in oak, ash or cherry would cost around 120.

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